About Susan

I’m Susan Giurleo, and I’m a psychologist, business consultant and marketer for health care professionals who want to diversify their income streams and utilize online tools to provide services and market their practices.

What do I do?

By day I work in my private practice, Child Development Partners. By day (and night) I explore the exciting world of small business development, online health care and social media marketing. All of those ideas and experiences come together on this BizSavvyTherapist blog. I take the best stuff I know and use and put them together to teach psychotherapists and other health care professionals how to ethically market and diversity income streams while utilizing online tools and social media.

Who are you? What kind of people can I help?

Psychotherapists and health care professionals who want to innovate and ethically move your practice into an online space that is informative, helpful and brings you more clients and more income. People who are ready to build a thriving practice based on sound, ethical business strategies and a passion to help others.

Why should you read my blog and maybe buy my programs?

I’ve personally used all the strategies I will tell you about. I can personally attest that this stuff works. Using these practice building and marketing systems I built my little, solo practice to a place where I had an 8 week wait list. A good problem to have (which is now under better control). Also, I understand the disconnect between being a helping professional and the need to market and sell services. All that plus I won’t ask you to sell your soul to build a successful practice.

What’s next? What’s the big plan?

I’m putting together some programs and products that will help people learn effective, ethical online practice development and marketing. Straight info–no sleazy, unethical tricks and no “woo-woo” fluff. We’ll talk about what works, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

And some personal bits:

Things I believe in:

The power of empathy and compassion

That all children are good

Making money helping others is a-ok

Paying it forward

Things I don’t accept:


The words, “You can’t.”

That there is one “right” way to do anything worthwhile.

Favorite online hangouts

My blogs (my other blog? See it at Child Development Partners)

Twitter! Feel free to follow me @susangiurleo

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/SusanGiurleo

Favorite off line hangouts:

Home with my hubby and 6 year old son

Coffee shops with good java and cookies


The beach (even in winter)

I look forward to the possibility of hanging out with you here on the blog, the Twitterverse, or where ever we may meet.

~ Susan

If you wan to learn more about building a thriving practice with multiple income streams, I invite you to register for my free e-course: ” 7 Steps to Grow Your Practice in the New Economy”. Click here to read more and register.