Multiple Streams of Income

Behind the Curtain: New Directions for my Practice

Now that I know I need to quickly generate multiple streams of income because my insurance reimbursements will soon be imploding, I reached out to a new business coach today (Yes, coaches have coaches. How else do you think I became so biz savvy?).

My new coach is not a therapist, but his wife is, so he understands the business I’m in, which is a huge relief.

I told him,

“I need a different business model. Managed care isn’t going to work as an income stream. I’m tired of dealing with all of the changes, phone calls, hassle, expense and misery. And I want to work from home ALL the time so I can be there when my son goes to school in the morning and comes home in the afternoon. And I want to generate income on my terms. And I want to make five figures every month. But I need to do all this while still helping people with ADHD and autism. I will not abandon my clients”.

He said, “You can do all that and make the transition in 6-8 months.”


What this looks like

  • A coaching model
  • A book
  • A network of other like-minded therapists nation-wide
  • Trainings

Scary Bigness

Last week I got a call from India from a family of a boy with executive dysfunction. That’s kind of a big deal because it tells me that my website is being read around the world. I talked to the family today and this boy’s issues are similar to the kids in my community. That’s big, too. Because if I can help a child here in Massachusetts, I can help children in New York, Seattle and, apparently, India.

What This Means for my Business

Today I realized:

~ My business can be as big or as small as I choose.

~ If I want to make more money I need to make it bigger.

~ I need to break down exactly what it is I do that attracts families from all over the world.

~ There needs to be an ethical, effective way to offer support from a distance.

~ I need to do some work on my internal process and comfort with being bigger, more noticed, and in demand.

How this can work

I’m committed to making more money and moving my business into a home office, soooo I have some work to do.

The first place to start is with me, because I am realizing that I’ve been stuck thinking small, when I can meet more of my goals by thinking bigger. But that can be uncomfortable, so I probably need a lot more coaching.

There needs to be brainstorming and planning.

A new website/blog will need to be redesigned (I already contacted my designer, so already moving ahead here).

Systems must be put into place.

Writing must happen on a regular basis.

Networking – lots more of this.

Trust in the process.

Accepting that my business evolves.

Deep breathing, celebrating and taking vacations (self-care builds good businesses).

I’m looking forward to something new. I’m just not quite sure what it looks like yet. I’ll keep you updated on the progress….

If you’re interested in developing a specialty in helping families living with ADHD and autism, I invite you to get in touch. It can be more fun to build something with a team. I can be reached at susan [at] bizsavvytherapist . com.

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