Susan Giurleo is Brilliant! Speaking as someone who is content savvy but marketing clueless my business suffered terribly as a result. In walks Susan with her passion, fearlessness and an insight into marketing that is nothing short of a gift. The first few changes she recommended to my website brought an increase in product sales and more comments on my blog in one day than I’d received the previous 6 months. I am thrilled to have connected with Susan and have no doubt that my business will readily exceed my expectations with Susan’s guidance

Brian R. King, LCSW

Susan, I’ve had two huge successes already, thanks to your Marketing Private Practice Blueprint and following your blog. 1. I was cold called the other day by a complete stranger, asking me to present at a conference….. I was truly shocked that this would have paid off so quickly! 2. By “niche-ing” I just obtained several ideal clients!

Robyn Gobbel, LCSW

Susan, thanks for all your coaching support! Since we started working together things are going wonderfully! I am actually talking with my landlord about renting another day per week as I am totally booked every week!

Caley Philipps, MS, LMFT-A

Hi Susan–You are amazing! I’ve been studying your ideas and they are great AND have changed the way I think and conceptualize a private practice. Thanks for everything!

Natasha Nalls, LCSW

Love the Building your Private Practice Blueprint materials this week- Nitty gritty stuff that works!” Tweet from @MFTGuide

Miranda Palmer, MFT

I started my private practice just under one year ago, but I participated [in Susan’s program] anyway, as I figured I’d pick up some useful tips, and I did. I have 3 business-related degrees (2 undergrad, 1 grad.); still starting my private practice was a challenge. So many moving parts! I would have loved to have had a one-stop place to guide me through all the things to consider. Most if not all of the topics you covered were ones I’d come up with on my own, but it took a lot of brain work and diligence to get there. It would have been so much easier and less taxing to have had your series back then – something to rely on to catch all the moving parts. I extend many thanks and believe your workshop will be of great value to others starting out

Melissa Mitchell-Blitch, LPC, CACI,