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Renew Your Private Practice in April

It’s warm and spring has come to the Northeast US! This is a time for new growth as well as a good point to look back at the first three months of 2010 and take stock of progress in your business.

Have you added new clients, services, an online presence? Are you clear on your specialty and HUB to center all of your practice building efforts?

During the first quarter of 2010 I did a great deal of listening to you, my readers and newsletter subscribers. As therapists, you know the power of active listening. It can deepen and inform relationships, allowing us to better understand others’ needs and goals so we can help them articulate and take action to make their plans a reality.
What I learned from giving 20 free coaching sessions

As you may know I did 20 complimentary private practice coaching session a few weeks ago. I learned a great deal from listening and assisting those of you who so graciously participated. I hope my recommendations for ways to grow your practice were helpful.

I discovered 5 themes from listening to 20 of you working on growing your practices.

  • You have great ideas and want to make changes so you can grow a thriving practice.
  • While you intellectually understand the necessity of a specialty to grow your practice, you worry that there will not be enough clients to fill your clinical hours.
  • You have good business instincts, but doubt yourself and can become stuck with fear of making mistakes.
  • You are reading the Biz Savvy Therapist blog, taking notes and trying to apply the business-building concepts, but most of could benefit one-on-one feedback to address your personal needs and ideas.
  • We all need to get beyond what I can offer you for free and start some intensive coaching and teaching to get your practices full and your income streams diversified!
    Getting Serious about Your Business

The web is full of no cost information you can freely access and apply to grow your business. Personally, I receive about 10 ezines a week and subscribe to about the same number of business/marketing related blogs. Good stuff.

However, I get the most benefit from programs I pay for. Why? These programs are more intensive, more personal, and people want to give me a great value for my money so I keep utilizing their services and refer them to others. The thing is, I’m happy to pay for great information that helps me build my practice and allows me to know how to make more money.

Here at Biz Savvy Therapist, we need to get serious about building your practice to generate more income for you and help more people with your expertise. I enjoy blogging useful information and giving my time to many of you, but it’s not enough. We need to talk in detail about your business and your needs.

My blog posts are general because thousands of people are reading them every month. But I know each private practice is unique and sometimes my articles bring up more questions than they answer. The only way I can truly support you in growing your ideal practice is if we talk to each other one-on-one or in a small group.

And while my blog posts and newsletters are free, my one-on-one coaching is not. Of course you understand this because, as a therapist, you know that one-to-one support is very valuable. You want clients to invest in your time and expertise (that’s why you’re here). Always remember, if you want clients to invest in your services, you need to be willing to invest in yourself and your business first!

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