This year I want to speak to you and your organization live and in-person. I know that, while my blog allows us to connect virtually, we often learn more from each other in face-to-face interactions.

I’m interested in our exploring together the emerging revolution of utilizing online tools and social media to provide mental health information, services and marketing.

We’ll discuss how blogging serves a dual purpose of providing mental health education as well as effective marketing for private practice, the power of social media to inform, educate and improve lives, how to develop multiple income streams utilizing online resources.

The two speaking topics I’m passionate about this year are:

Clinical Practice 2.0: Emerging Trends in the Age of Social Media, Twitter and Facebook

Clinical Practice Plugged In: Ethical Online Business Strategies for Psychotherapists

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I have previously presented to the Massachusetts Psychological Association, and the National Association of Social Workers with positive reviews. Below are a few comments received on feedback forms:

Feedback for Susan’s previous workshop presentations:

“Stories, stories and more wonderful clinical tales highlighted Dr. Susan Giurleo’s dazzling expertise on emerging trends in social media, evident throughout the entire workshop. Her style was clearly instructional and intelligently playful. Most importantly for me, Susan was gentle and accepting of all of us, an aging audience, who enjoyed extensive clinical work experience and very limited confidence and awareness for utilizing social media to build a rewarding contemporary clinical practice. As a result of attending this workshop I have recommended her services and welcome future opportunities to further expand my social media knowledge.”
Milton Hawkins, LCSW-C, Certified School Social Worker

I attended a conference for the National Association of Social Workers where I had a life altering experience! Dr. Susan Giurleo’s energetic and eye opening presentation helped me realize that I was doing myself, my patients, and my profession, no to mention my pocket book, a great disservice if I did not get my practice and expertise online. I’m happy to say I now have a blog, website and am working toward a new practice model.” Linda Johannisson, LCSW-C http://www.panicattackbusters.com

“I thoroughly enjoyed Susan’s presentation at NASW in Baltimore. Susan is a great example of a professional who walks her walk and has learned from the trenches all the way to her private practice exactly what needs to be done to create a savvy, thriving practice. She’s bleseds to be able to do the work she loves while making a great income and staying true to her beliefs. She’s truly a delight to work with and I can’t recommend her enough.” Melanie Gorman, M.A.Counselor, Coach & Director, Marketing & Business Development, www.yourtango.com

“Very motivating and helpful. Honest presentation with clear, real-life examples.”

“Good speaker- dynamic, engaging, good content!”

“This presentation was the most useful to me.”

“Extremely informative – got ideas that can be used immediately. Extremely useful and concise.”

“Outstanding! Could be much longer.”

Please contact me if you are interested in my speaking services. I am best reached via email: susan [at] bizsavvytherapist . com, or by phone: 866-887-4534.