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Why It’s So Much Easier to Get Client Referrals if You Specialize: A Real Life Example

Let’s stick to our theme of specialization that was started last week.

Interestingly, this topic sparked a phone call between myself and Attorney Leanna Hamill. She specializes in estate planning and elder law and is looking to coordinate with therapists who specialize in working with the elderly and their families. Do you know anyone who owns this specialty? And I don’t mean someone that sees elderly people once in awhile, or could work with someone who is caring for a parent with dementia. Leanna wants to work with those who specialize.

In her words: “I get so discouraged when I look to refer a client or family for therapy and all I can find is therapists who say they see everyone: kids, adults, elderly. If they don’t clearly specialize with my target clientele, I don’t want to waste my, or my client’s, time working with someone who does not have a firm grasp and understanding of their concerns and issues.”

So if you are looking for referrals from lawyers, physicians, or other professionals it seems they are looking to work with specialists, not generalists.

Imagine if Leanna has a full client load of families working out elder care issues. Within that legal domain comes stress, anxiety, depression due to caring for an elderly parent, or the need to take on guradianship or a health care proxy. Leanna shares that many of the families she works with present with emotional issues she is not equipped to manage. She wishes she had a competent specialist to refer to.

In fact, a healthy referral to Leanna’s law practice would mutually benefit the therapist and Leanna. Do you ever have clients in your office with legal questions you aren’t qualified to answer. I do.

Leanna and I took this conversation further and envisioned workshops, speaking opportunities, and information products that could be generated between a therapist and a lawyer working together on elder care issues. Exciting stuff!

Now if only Leanna could find that specialist she wants to partner with……

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