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You Can’t Just Sit There

You Can’t Just Sit There

As I talk to struggling therapists one theme tends to emerge and it sounds like this,

“I understand the business stuff, but I just want to sit in my office and see clients face-to-face. How do I make a good living doing that?”

You don’t. Please don’t shoot the messenger….. you just can’t build a thriving practice that brings in good money by sitting in your office.

To grow a small business that is always busy and sufficently lucrative you need to get out of the office both in your community and online, talk to people, listen to their needs and tell them about how you help. You also need to plan to develop multiple income streams because eventually face-to-face therapy as your sole way of making money hits a ceiling. You can only see so many clients in any given week and you can only raise your fees so high. Imagine if you fill your practice and max out how much you can charge in the next year. That would be great, but also a huge bummer when you realize you will never get a signficant raise in your salary ever again. (And don’t even think that insurance companies are going to raise your rate……you will see a real unicorn before that happens.)

If you are completely and utterly disillusioned with the idea that you must get out of the office and create new income streams your best option is to work for somebody else who does the marketing and business-y stuff on your behalf. They get the referrals and you can sit in your office and work with people face-to-face all day. That is a fine career.

But if you want to strike out on your own and build your personal practice….you need to get moving!

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